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A Woman's True Purpose By Dr. Nicole LaBeach

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Embrace your higher purpose...

If you're not using your God-given gifts to fulfill your purpose, you're robbing the world of the gift you are to humanity. With long to-do lists, responsibilities, ambitious careers, and demanding roles, women are often too busy, exhausted, or frustrated to think about what their personal mission might be. We have remedies and fix-its for everything under the sun, yet living like we matter seems elusive. The type of living that celebrates a strong spiritual relationship, purpose-driven choices, and personal fulfillment is not what we often choose.


Using a groundbreaking technique developed in her coaching practice, Dr. Nicole LaBeach offers the missing link to help you celebrate the challenges of being a woman and stop standing on the sidelines of your own life. Through a customized seven-step approach, A Woman’s True Purpose promises to promote clarity, understanding, and the removal of obstructions that serve to halt your personal progress. Genuine and heartfelt, Dr. LaBeach uses clear examples and thought-provoking metaphors, to help you assess where you are and promote movement to where you want to go.


A Woman’s True Purpose: Live Like You Matter is an essential tool for women and a compelling guidepost for the journey toward the real you, the fulfilled you, the authentically empowered you.