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Embrace Your Sisters

The Sister Diamond brand nurtures and touches all 6 senses:  taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing, and sensory body perception. Our products, services, and experiences:  

Taste like warm chocolate chip cookies, fresh baked bread, homemade ice cream; Feels like super soft pajamas, a fluffy rug under your feet, a warm blanket wrapped around your shoulders, a soft kiss on the forehead;  Looks like happy children on the playground, twinkling lights in the darkness, a baby smiling at its mom;  Smells like the aroma of a freshly bathed baby, lavender fields, fresh picked roses, and fresh linen; Sounds like little girls giggling, baby’s cooing, and a gospel choir praising the Lord… Is the palpable feeling of God’s love when women come together,  remove the capes, take off the masks, and just be
one in the spirit for the purpose of giving God the glory and
celebrating each other.  

Touch the heart, change the mind! 


Popular Products

Sister Diamonds Marketplace is a shop where every gift feels like a hug! Touch the heart, change the mind.

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About us

Sister Diamonds is a brand movement that celebrates the lives of
women through fun and unique products, services, and  experiences that inspire life, love, and laughter.

VISION: To create a global community of over 1 million women who embrace the power to:   

o  Elevate their voices and engage in positive conversation that change the narrative;  

o  Manifest personal purpose;   

o  Create abundance and generational wealth;  

o  Utilize content, tools, and resources that empower themselves and others;  

o  Foster vulnerable heart-centered and supportive sister connections;  

o  Play, laugh, trust, and experience emotional freedom;    

o  Practice greater self-compassion, self-love, and self-acceptance; 

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