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Hard Workers Work Hard, and Networkers Move Up! by Crystal Khalil

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Did you know hard work only accounts for about 10% of your overall success?
Although it is possible to grow your career based on hard work alone, the ceiling is low. The most successful people in this world are also the best networkers. If you want to move past stuck, propel your career forward ten times faster, multiply your income, and achieve the success you have worked so hard for, then networking is the answer you have been looking for.

Hard workers work hard, and networkers move up! In her aptly titled landmark book, debut author, and current Porsche executive, Crystal Khalil charts an efficacious cycle for growth inspired by her rise from first-generation college student to high performing corporate executive.

In this motivating, easy read, Khalil helps readers understand how your belief system can sabotage your professional growth. She candidly shares her real life narrative and the steps she took to repair a noble, but faulty set of convictions instilled by a well-meaning mother whose own beliefs had been shaped by life circumstances. Khalil cites two steps on the cycle of growth – increasing your self-awareness and exploring outside your comfort zone — as catalysts for changing stifling behaviors. Using easy-to-follow illustrations, she gives you just the instruction you need to accomplish both tasks efficiently. Carefully crafted questions throughout the chapters prompt you into relevant group discussions and provide an effective aid for your time of self-reflection.

Accept Khalil’s challenge to change the behaviors hindering your success. Reprogram your belief system and adopt new principles that will help you increase your awareness, embrace change, take action and propel your career forward 10 times faster. By embracing Khalil’s tried and true perspectives, you can improve your quality of life and claim the success you desire.